New trucks on the block

Posted Tue, 02/21/2012 - 14:19

With production set to reach 15 million concrete blocks a year, Cheshire Concrete Products supplies to builders merchants for public sector

and housing projects across the North West. The company’s Middlewich site produces five million blocks a year and its new seven acre site in Llay, North Wales will make around 10 million concrete blocks a year in a new 20,000ft² factory.

This rapid growth has made strong, reliable forklifts a critical part of the operation, moving packs of blocks from the conveyor belt in the factory to the stock yard where they are stacked in cubes.

As a local, trusted forklift supplier, Andy Evans from CESAB dealer Global Materials Handling was asked to discuss the replacement of the existing fleet. After a review, he recommended the CESAB Drago H300 as a powerful, reliable, high performance forklift.

The CESAB range is manufactured in Europe using TPS*, which is certified to ISO 14001 and widely regarded as one of the world’s best manufacturing systems. Global Materials Handling has supplied three diesel CESAB Drago H300s, one for Middlewich and two for Llay.

Jim Woodyer of Cheshire Concrete Products: “The CESAB trucks are making a significant contribution to productivity because they are very robust, well engineered and perform consistently well in a demanding work environment.”

Global arranged for the Drago to have a Bolzoni Meyer block clamp fitted, which is a bespoke piece of equipment for handling the kind of packs that Cheshire Concrete Products produces.

Jim Woodyer: “The drivers tell us the trucks are working better than their predecessors over the course of a shift, are much easier to use and more comfortable. When you are in a truck for the best part of ten hours, the environment inside the forklift cab has to be right for the driver to function well and
operate the truck easily and productively.”

Working with Global Materials Handling as a trusted regional dealer means that Cheshire Concrete have access to the highest quality products and reliable, local support. The deal includes a full maintenance agreement, with service and breakdown cover, to ensure up-time is maximised.
Andy Evans of Global: “We’ve been delighted to help Cheshire Concrete Products enhance productivity on both sites. Good materials handling equipment is at the heart of any strong manufacturing operation and will make a huge difference to productivity, safety and operator satisfaction.”

* Toyota production system