Investing in European mast technology and production

Posted Thu, 11/03/2011 - 15:30

CESAB Material Handling’s European mast factory, LTE, has invested heavily in new technologies and processes over the last 12 months.

Part of the CESAB group, LTE is the European Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that specialises in the design and production of CESAB forklift masts. The investment has included an internal material flow redesign to create a new more efficient layout and support the implementation of Just In Time and Kanban techniques. It has also enabled a new oxi-cut material warehouse to feed the four robot welding lines and a new assembly line able to reach a production capacity in excess of 15,000 masts per year in one shift.

CESAB masts are produced using the ISO 14001-certified *TPS, one of the world’s best production systems which guarantees the highest standards in manufacturing quality.

Principles of TPS include Just In Time to ensure flow standardization and optimization, Jidoka which ensures quality control in each manufacturing phase and Kaizen to deliver continuous improvement.

Masts available on the CESAB range and manufactured at LTE now include two to four stage duplex, triplex and quadruplex configurations all produced to the highest quality standards. LTE’s Research and Development team has decades of experience in mast design and technology, enabling it to work closely with customers to provide highly specialised masts and all new equipment is tested in LTE’s Department of Test and Experience, to ensure performance and durability are of the highest standards.

Factory manager Vanni Righi: “The level of investment in LTE in the last year reflects our commitment to producing the best masts in the industry. With our production capacity set to increase significantly, we have created a mast operation in Europe that will ensure CESAB Material Handling equipment delivers to the very highest standards.”

*Toyota Production System